At Koantek, we believe technology should be easy.  

In a world with so many options, built in complexities and the urgency to move fast, knowing the next best move isn’t easy.  We are a creative and collaborative team with a robust set of skills and experiences to help you solve your technology puzzle.  We work hand and hand with you and your team, focusing on what matters most to help you make an impact.


Our priority is to understand what you need to drive your business .  We might ask a lot of questions, brainstorm options, and present possibilities and it's all with your end goal in mind.  All ideas are welcome as we collaborate to create your custom solution.

Our Company Values


We believe KNOWLEDGE is power


We lead with OPTIMISM in all situations


We believe in full ACCOUNTABILITY and transparency


We are NIMBLE in our thoughts and actions


We believe in TEAMWORK and collaboration


We are committed to EXCELLENCE in action


We lead with KINDNESS in all situations



Sohini P. Avirneni, Founder & CEO


“Discovering the power of possibilities is a thrill at any age and stage of business. It is an honor to be at the forefront of ever evolving technology, providing solutions to help business leaders manage data, gain critical insights and make bold decisions to future-proof business.”

– Sohini P. Avirneni

With almost two decades of deep technology expertise, Sohini has worked with some of the world’s leading technology and consulting companies but, her love of technology began much earlier than her entrée into the business world. As a young girl growing up in India, her parents set the bar high for her education and contribution to a better world. On her 6th birthday Sohini she received her very first computer and her life was forever changed. Computers opened the door to expansive capabilities but with every new possibility came a plethora of new challenges and Sohini, through her love of technology, became a master problem solver.

Problem solving as well as her innovative spirit has led Sohini to become an accomplished business leader and strategic advisor, she has worked with technologies from SAP, Tableau, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Databricks to help companies transform their business.

Sohini is passionate about helping business leaders grow and scale with best – in – class technology solutions so they have the technological advancements necessary for their business to succeed.






“Data is the cornerstone of innovation, and AI is the key to unlocking its true potential. Together, we’re shaping the way industries operate, enhancing decision-making, and creating a smarter, more connected world. At Koantek, we’re not just building technology but shaping the future.”

– Eddie Edgeworth

Eddie Edgeworth, CTO

Eddie Edgeworth is a seasoned technology leader with over twenty years of experience in software engineering and data solutions. One of the original Databricks Partner Champions, Eddie has consistently focused on leveraging Databricks and Cloud technologies to drive innovation at Koantek. His expertise lies in creating effective, repeatable solutions across various areas such as cloud computing, data management, and analytics.
Throughout his career, Eddie has demonstrated a knack for turning complex technical challenges into manageable, repeatable frameworks. His approach combines his deep software engineering background with a practical understanding of modern data technologies. This unique blend has led to the successful design and implementation of numerous projects involving Lakehouse, AI, big data, cloud services, and data warehousing.
At Koantek, Eddie applies this comprehensive knowledge to lead our technology strategy, ensuring that we stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. His ability to create and replicate effective technology solutions makes him a vital asset to our team and a respected figure in the tech community.

Who We Serve

Koantek has been designed from the ground up to serve CIOs and IT leaders at mid-market, and enterprise level companies who need to innovate quickly but are overwhelmed with choices and complex technology. 

As a true consulting partner, Koantek does more than provide a technology solution – we guide you through the entire process so can make the best decisions for your company and optimize your investment.

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