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Unity Catalog: Data Governance Simplified​

Data governance in the era of cloud platforms can be complex. Managing and securing data across multiple cloud platforms, regions, organizations, and workspaces can be a daunting task. Databricks Unity Catalog, a unified data governance solution that simplifies the management and security of your data assets, helps you transform daunting into doable.

Unity Catalog serves as a centralized hub within Databricks, managing all permissions and providing fine-grained access control to entities. Unlike traditional storage solutions, Unity Catalog is hosted outside your Databricks Workspace, allowing you to set permissions once and propagate them throughout all workspaces in a region. With an intuitive user interface and a SQL API for advanced users, administrators can easily configure permissions.

Unity Catalog is ideal for organizations seeking a unified data handling experience and centralized governance over their data. By leveraging the power of the Lakehouse platform and Unity Catalog, you can enhance security, simplify data management, ensure compliance, streamline data discovery, optimize query performance, and facilitate secure data sharing.

By adopting Unity Catalog, your team can focus on adding value rather than wasting time on accessibility challenges.

Fine-Grained Access Control

Protect your fortress

Unity Catalog ensures security by default. Each data asset becomes an object with assigned permissions, enabling you to create a granular security layout across files, tables, views, models, columns, and rows. Auditing through delta logs provides insights into data usage, ensuring accountability and compliance.

Data Discovery

Navigate effortlessly

With Unity Catalog’s search engine, you can easily explore and reference any data point within your authorized data inventory. Access control is considered, allowing you to find relevant data efficiently.


Turbo-charge your data

Unity Catalog enhances query performance by offering low-latency metadata serving and automated data compaction. This optimization improves input/output performance, delivering faster and more efficient data processing.

Automated Data Lineage

GPS for your data's journey

Unity Catalog includes automated data lineage capabilities, visualizing the flow of data across tables, columns, notebooks, dashboards, and workflows. This feature simplifies the identification of data sources, validates data integrity, and assesses the impact of proposed changes.

Delta Sharing

Your digital data courier

Unity Catalog seamlessly integrates with Delta Sharing, enabling secure data sharing across organizations. You can create shares and reference data without adding them as entities in the Databricks Workspace. Robust data governance controls and auditing ensure the security and traceability of shared data.

Compose Your Business Symphony with Koantek's Unity Catalog Upgrade Solution

Amplify your business’ harmony with the revolutionary Koantek’s Unity Catalog Upgrade Solution. Just as an orchestra creates magic through coordinated notes, Unity Catalog orchestrates collaboration, innovation, and growth. Uniting your business within this dynamic ecosystem harmonizes your resources, talents, and visions, producing a symphony of success that resonates far beyond the ordinary. Join us to compose a future where unity leads the melody of your achievements.

Navigating Possibilities: Your Journey with Koantek's Unity Catalog Upgrade solution

Databricks propels forward as a formidable platform, and Unity Catalog is an indispensable need for their latest and truly great innovations. Embrace this juncture to strategically position your business for substantial gains, avoiding stagnation. Central to future competitiveness, Unity Catalog serves as the nucleus for strategic advantage, encompassing essential components like LLMs, Data Warehousing, AI/ML, Data Integration, and Virtualization. Koantek, as a trusted Databricks partner, stands ready to guide your UC upgrade. As specialists, and a select Partner in this domain, we’re uniquely equipped to unlock these benefits, positioning your journey for success. 

Here’s why Unity Catalog stands out:

Seamless Collaboration

 Break down silos and unite your team’s efforts effortlessly. Unity Catalog provides a central hub for resources, projects, and communication, promoting cohesive teamwork even across geographical boundaries.

Amplified Impact

Whether you’re a startup, a nonprofit, or an educational institution, Unity Catalog magnifies your impact. By pooling resources and expertise, you can achieve more significant outcomes and reach wider audiences than ever before.

Accelerated Innovation

Innovation thrives in environments rich with diverse perspectives. Unity Catalog encourages cross-pollination of ideas, enabling you to spark creativity, solve complex problems, and bring groundbreaking concepts to life.

Empowered Learning

Lifelong learning takes on a new dimension when shared with a community. Unity Catalog facilitates the exchange of knowledge and skills, fostering continuous growth and development among participants.

Driving Positive Change

Advocacy, social causes, and philanthropic initiatives gain renewed strength through a united front. Unity Catalog empowers your efforts, enabling you to raise awareness, mobilize support, and drive tangible change.

Avoid These Risks With Unity Catalog

In the fast-paced world of software development, managing digital assets efficiently and securely is paramount. Unity Catalog emerges as a powerful solution, enabling teams to streamline their asset management process and avoid various risks that often arise. By leveraging Unity Catalog, you can successfully navigate these challenges:

Security Vulnerabilities

With Unity Catalog, fortify your digital assets against security vulnerabilities. Centralized storage and controlled access thwart unauthorized breaches, ensuring a safeguarded environment for your valuable resources.

Compliance Challenges

Unity Catalog empowers you to effortlessly navigate compliance challenges. Through its advanced version control and access management features, you can ensure that your asset management practices adhere to industry regulations and standards.

Inefficiency + Complexities

Effortlessly eliminate inefficiencies and complexities with Unity Catalog. Its user-friendly interface and robust search capabilities streamline asset management, saving time and enhancing productivity across your projects.

Limited Data Visibility

Elevate your data visibility with Unity Catalog. By centralizing assets and providing comprehensive insights, the platform empowers informed decision-making and efficient collaboration, breaking down barriers to success.

What Our Customers Say

Koantek played a pivotal role in transforming our data landscape within Databricks. They re-architected our workspaces by implementing Unity Catalog within a Medallia architecture, which has enabled us to progress from a data pond to a secure and governed data lake that can be democratized in a very managed way. We can now easily manage and provide secure and appropriate access to our Web and Digital Analytics Data Scientists.We now have a much deeper understanding of which campaigns are providing the best returns, and which customers present the best opportunity for incremental ridership. Additionally, I must commend Koantek for their consultative and hands-on work to optimize our overall data cloud architecture. I wholeheartedly recommend Koantek to any organization looking to optimize their data landscape. They are professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping Brightline succeed.
Alem Aga
Senior Director Data Engineering & Management, Brightline

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